To many of us, dogs are soul mates, trusted companions for many years. Dogs are more than our best friends. They trust and love us unconditionally. What we, as humans, can do for our best pals are love them and responsibly and effectively care for our dogs.

Massage reduces stress, aids in healing and provides ongoing health care for your dog. Massage is more than petting or play. It is a deliberate and focused technique of touching your dog. Each stroke is controlled in pressure, direction and intention. Our hands become finely tuned tools of assessment, finely tuned sensing devices. They’re also the conduits through which healing and love flow. By giving your dog the gift of massage, you are rewarding him/her for a lifetime of companionship and friendship.

The sense of touch is very important for all of us and also animals, but is not always fulfilled. Massage is one way to bring a oneness, comfort and tranquility. Psychologists have proven that touch is a need, just as important as food and water.

How do dogs benefit from massage? Massage is physical therapy, as well as mind or spiritual therapy. It helps to Improve circulation, relax muscle spasms , relieve stress and tension, enhance muscle tone, increase flexibility and range of motion, improve lymphatic function and removal of toxins and metabolic waste, reduce discomfort caused by arthritis, subluxating patella, and hip dysplasia. As well as prevention of the development of post operative compensatory tension, enhance the health and nourishment of the skin, strengthen immune system, Improve disposition and heal from illness and surgery faster. Massage helps rebalancing the body to live and move in harmony and grace. So, without the use of external drugs, very often your pet’s body can assume control of his own pain relieving mechanism. Sometimes though, he/she may need a little helpful encouragement, our controlled and skillful touch.

Dogs love us so much unconditionally. It’s time to give back. Treat them with something they can’t do it themselves… Massage.

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