hy 'happy puppy' ?

Our dog massage practitioners are professionally trained and certified from Pet Massage Training and Research Institute. And we’ve studied Tellington Touch which is proved highly effective and now used on many other animals to release fear and tension and activate the regenerative intelligence of the body. These skills can be of great help in dealing with problems such as fear of the vet, bathing or thunder, chewing or jumping up, resistance to grooming, recovery from illness, injury or surgery, as well as in promoting overall health and graceful aging. Also, we’ve been working with many types of dogs; young, old, healthy, sick, companion, show, happy and sad of our own, our clients’ and at an animal shelter. We know what we do and do it with love for healthier and happier New York doggies. We love dogs and want to give them the best care and see them happy with our loving professional touch.

Pamper your loved one today with ‘Happy Puppy’ at 718.664.7436. We will travel to your home where your pet will be able to fully relax. Open everyday from 10 am – 9 pm. Hope to meet you and your dog soon!

Note: Although we are dog lovers, we prefer only well-behaved and unaggressive ones for our safety. Please prepare your place and your dog in non-danger and peaceful environment for us! Thank you very much.